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Documentary Impact & Release of Film June 22

Bridging Science and Nature

Donate Any Amount to TACF’s 2024 Spring Appeal and Receive The Gift of CLEAR DAY THUNDER! 

Support The American Chestnut Foundation's 2024 Spring Appeal, Bridging Science and Nature, and get access to this inspiring documentary film. Your donation will fuel vital research and conservation efforts, and as a thank you, you'll receive a code to watch CLEAR DAY THUNDER: Rescuing the American Chestnut, at no additional cost.

The film will be released to the public for online viewing on Saturday, June 22, 2024. This special date celebrates TACF’s signing its articles of incorporation, which took place 41 years ago on June 22, 1983. There will be a $10.00 fee to purchase the film upon its public release but with your donation, you can receive a code to watch it for free. Organizations and venues can still schedule private film screenings for education and discussion.

Since its first private showing in April 2023, the film has reached more than 7,000 viewers over the course of 150 film screenings, won several film festival awards, helped TACF create new partnerships, and been especially instrumental in sharing the once tragic and now hopeful story of the American chestnut with a broader audience, inspiring many to join our restoration mission. Donate today to participate in this bold conservation effort. Every donation (no matter the amount) made between June 20th and 30th will receive a code to view the film — a $10 value! We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the documentary from the comfort of your own home while also supporting a great cause.



Celebrating the Impact of CLEAR DAY THUNDER: Rescuing the American Chestnut

Since its premiere in April 2023, CLEAR DAY THUNDER: Rescuing the American Chestnut has made remarkable strides, exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting impression on a broad range of audiences. Here are just a few of those achievements:

Film Screenings

The documentary kickstarted its journey with a private screening for TACF stakeholders on Earth Day 2023 at the North Carolina Arboretum. Subsequently, it has been screened at more than 150 events, captivating  7,000+ viewers. This widespread outreach extends to all of TACF’s 16 state chapters in the American chestnut’s native range, and well beyond, including unique settings like Sedona, AZ. 

Partnerships and Community Engagement

Not only has the film resonated with diverse audiences, it has also forged new partnerships and collaborations at TACF. Utilized as an important educational resource, it has helped support TACF's chapters build on relationships with various organizations, from forestry groups to local schools, garden clubs, environmental organizations and more, expanding their network of supporters and advocates.

Film Festival Recognition

CLEAR DAY THUNDER has garnered accolades on the film festival circuit, with prestigious awards such as Best Environmental Film at the Lookout Wild Film Festival, and Best Feature Film at the WildSound Festival. The documentary's ability to engage with and educate a variety of audiences is further evidenced by viewer feedback videos, showcasing its profound impact on viewers previously unfamiliar with the story of this iconic tree.

Empowering TACF Chapters

The documentary holds special significance for TACF chapters, serving as a powerful tool for education and outreach. Chapters throughout the eastern U.S. (the tree’s native range) have integrated the film into their annual events and outreach activities, sparking engagement, conversation, and participation in this noble grassroots mission. 

In conclusion, the success of CLEAR DAY THUNDER: Rescuing the American Chestnut is a testament to the power of storytelling. It is raising awareness, inspiring action, building networks, and driving impactful and long-lasting conservation efforts. As the documentary continues to resonate with audiences and be a catalyst for important conversations, its legacy of advocating for American chestnut restoration remains a beacon of hope for the future.

A Heartfelt Thank You to All Contributors

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of CLEAR DAY THUNDER: Rescuing the American Chestnut, we extend our deepest gratitude to the individuals, organizations, film directors, TACF staff members, and volunteers who have played a pivotal role in bringing this documentary to life.

We also express our sincere appreciation to all the venues and organizations that have graciously hosted screenings of CLEAR DAY THUNDER. From local arboretums to prestigious film festivals, your commitment to conservation and education has provided valuable platforms for spreading awareness about a species once thought lost forever, and the journey of hope to bring it back.

Each screening, partnership, and collaboration has contributed to the collective efforts of advocating for the restoration of the American chestnut. Your support and dedication makes you a crucial part of this mission, and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such passionate and committed individuals, partners, and collaborators.


The American Chestnut Foundation


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